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Simply and quickly fix the audio out of sync with the video issue.

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Sync Audio to Video in 4 Simple Steps

1Click the Upload File button to add the video you want to edit.

2Make the audio sync to video by sliding the Delay bar.

3Or you can input the number or click the up/down arrow.

4Click the Save button to store the video on your computer.

Audio Sync Step
Sync Audio Video

Sync Audio and Video Accurate to 0.1 Second

You got some videos from others but found that these videos' audio tracks are out of sync. How to fix this issue? Aiseesoft Audio Sync may be the best choice for you. This tool can directly slide the Delay bar with your mouse. If you slide to the left, the audio track will move ahead compared to the original. If you slide to the right, the audio track will move backward. Moreover, the changing of the audio track can be accurate to 0.1 seconds.

Tweak Output Settings of Video and Audio

As an online tool, a fantastic feature of Aiseesoft Audio Sync is that you can adjust your video and audio settings before outputting. Click the gear icon, and then you can change the output format of your video to MP4, MOV, WMV, AVI, MKV, and GIF. You also can select another resolution and zoom mode for your video. Besides, you can adjust the audio bitrate and sample rate based on your needs.

Output Settings

Full of Great Features

Aiseesoft Audio Sync associates you with solving the audio out of sync with video problems easily online. It also enables you to control the volume of your video.

  • Free to Use

    Free to Use

    Aiseesoft Audio Sync does not need you to purchase or subscribe.

  • No Installation

    No Installation

    You do not have to download or install something to use this tool.

  • Simple Process

    Simple Process

    The process of syncing audio to video only takes you several clicks.

  • Protect Information

    Protect Information

    Aiseesoft Audio Sync promises to protect your personal information.

  • Real-time Preview

    Real-time Preview

    While using this tool, you can preview your edited video in real-time.

  • No Watermark Left

    No Watermark Left

    After using this tool and outputting your video, you will get a file without a watermark.

Limit Free Trial Version Logged-in Account Pro Version

File expiration dates

-- 7 days No limit

File number

2 files/24 hours 10 files/24 hours No limit

Sync audio and video

Trim video

Speed up video

Cut audio

Merge files


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What Our Users Say

  • DO



    Aiseesoft Audio Sync saved me from my video audio out of sync! It is easy to use and does not cost me any penny.

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    Because of some technical issues, the video I recorded does not match the audio. Then I used Aiseesoft Audio Sync, which helped me fix the issue.

  • MA



    It is annoying that the audio is out of sync with the video, but thanks to Aiseesoft Audio Sync, which lets me sync the audio to the video easily.

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