6 Ways to Convert AVI to MP4 on Windows and Mac

March 01, 2024Jenny Ryan

AVI is a highly compressed video audio format which is supported by many media players. But not all players can play AVI files. Some hot devices can't support to play AVI files, such as iPhone, iPad, iPod, PSP and many Android devices. It is annoying for Mac users because Mac doesn't support playing AVI files. To make sure you can play back AVI files on these devices and on Mac, the first thing you should do is to convert AVI to MP4 format, because MP4 is the most popular and most widely supported video format. It is supported by any player.

In order to help you out of converting AVI files to MP4, here, you can find several methods to convert easily.

RM to MP4

Part 1. Best Way to Convert AVI to MP4 on PC/Mac

To convert AVI to MP4, you can choose to use a stable and lossless AVI to MP4 Converter which is the best AVI to MP4 converter. Maybe you have known that it can convert MP4 to XviD, but it can also help you make conversion from AVI to MP4. Moreover, it allows you to convert any video formats to MP4 on your Windows or Mac with ease. The instructions are as follows:

Video Converter Ultimate


Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate

  • Support converting video and over 1000 formats' video and audio conversion for playing on your any device.
  • Provide built-in video editor to help you edit video files like trimming, merging, cropping, rotating, flipping, etc. before converting to AVI format.
  • Support any 4K encoding and decoding, including H.265, H.264, MPEG, Xvid, VP8, VP9, etc.
  • Convert to audio and video formats that are compatible with your any device like iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung Galaxy S9, Samsung Galaxy Note, HTC, PSP, Sony Xperia, Xbox, etc.
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Step 1.
Download the MP4 Converter

You can download the AVI to MP4 Converter from the official website. Please choose the right version (Windows or Mac) according to your computer system.

3GP to AVI Converter
Step 2.
Import AVI files

After installing this AVI to MP4 Converter, launch it and click "Add File" and load the AVI file(s) you want to convert. If all the videos you want to convert are in a folder, you can add the whole folder by clicking "Add Folder".

Load the file to Converter
Step 3.
Choose output MP4 format

Click the drop-down button on the right of "Profile", input "MP4" in the quick search box, all the MP4 formats will be quickly filtered. You can quickly find the right one. Or you can move your mouse above General Video and find MP4 format on the right.

Choose output format
Step 4.
Start the AVI to MP4 conversion

Click "Convert" button. After a few minutes' waiting, the conversion from AVI to MP4 will be completed with excellent video quality.

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When you use this MP4 Converter, you should note 3 tips below:

Part 2. Use VLC Media Player to Convert AVI to MP4

VLC Media Player is a popular and powerful player, and you can also use it to convert your videos. It supports Windows, Mac, Linux and Android. This free software has a clean interface so you can learn to use it quickly. You can use it to convert various video formats such as MP4, AVI, MKV, MOV, etc. It also allows you to stream online. It is best for people who are seeking a comprehensive converter. Here are the steps to convert AVI to MP4 with VLC.

Step 1.
Install and launch the VLC Media Player. Click the Media in the menu bar and choose Convert/Save.
Choose Media Convert
Step 2.
Click the Add button on the pop-up page to add your AVI file.
Add File
Step 3.
Click the drop-down button beside the Cancel button and choose Convert. Or you can use the keyboard shortcut Alt+O to open the convert page.
Choose Convert
Step 4.
Click the drop-down list beside the settings icon and choose MP4. Then, click Browse to choose the destination you want to save your videos and click the Start button below to convert.
Save And Convert

But it only supports you to convert to 9 video formats and one audio format, including MP4, Webm, OGG, etc.

Part 3. Convert AVI to MP4 on Windows 10/11 with HandBrake

HandBrake is a free and open-source transcoder to help you convert various video formats, including MP4, AVI, MKV, WebMd and more. It is available on Windows (10 and later), mac OS(10.13 and later) and Linux. As a powerful transcoder, it also enables batch video conversion. So, if you want to convert multiple videos simultaneously, HandBrake is best for you. Here are the steps to convert AVI to MP4 using HandBrake.

Step 1.
After installing and launching your HandBrake on your PC, you can directly drop your video file onto in interface or click the File or Folder button on the left to choose the AVI file you want to convert.
Choose File
Step 2.
Click the drop-down list beside Formats and choose MP4.
Choose MP4
Step 3.
Then, click Browse to choose where to save your file and click Start Encode on the top to convert your video.
Start Encode

However, it isn’t as easy to use as Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate and it took me some time to find the button used to convert.

Part 4. Turn AVI to MP4 on Mac with QuickTime Player

QuickTime Player is a built-in player that has more functions than a normal player. For Mac users who want to play and convert their video files, QuickTime Player is their best choice. It supports Mac and Windows. Note that you should upgrade to the QuickTime Player Pro to turn the AVI into an MP4 file. Below are some steps for you.

Step 1.
After launching your QuickTime Player Pro, click the File in the menu bar and choose Open File.
Open File
Step 2.
After loading the AVI file, click the File menu and choose the Export submenu. Then, you can choose MP4 as your output format and save it on your computer.
Export MP4 File

But for users who want to change to different languages, QuickTime Player will fail you.

Part 5. Free Way to Change AVI to MP4

Free Video Converter

Besides the way above, you can also convert AVI to MP4 free with the Free Video Converter. This is a free tool to convert almost various videos and audio formats, including MP4, AVI, MKV, FLV, AVI, MOV, MP3, etc. You can download it on Windows and Mac. Now we will see the specific procedures:

Free DownloadFor Windows

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Step 1.
Add the AVI video

After downloading the Free Converter Software, you can install and run it on your computer. Then you can click the "Add File" to import the AVI file on the program.

Add AVI files
Step 2.
Edit the Video

For getting the customized video before converting, you can click "Edit" to do more. Here, you are able to rotate video, enable 3D settings, add watermark, crop video area size, clip and merge video, and set video /audio effect.

Edit the Video
Step 3.
Select the output format and convert.

In this step, you can click the dropdown button of "Profile" to choose the target video format. Here, you can just choose MP4. Then you can click "Convert" to make conversion of the video with one click.

convert AVI

Aiseesoft Online Video Converter

Aiseesoft Online Video Converter is best for users who don’t want to download additional converters to transfer AVI to MP4. It is simple to use and very convenient. You can use it as long as you have a browser. It supports multiple media formats, including MP4, AVI, MP3, AAC, AC3, WMA, WAV, etc. Here are the steps to use this great online tool.

Step 1.
Open Aiseesoft Online Video Converter using browser and click the Upload File button to select your AVI file.
Upload File
Step 2.
Choose the MP4 format on the right top and click Save to get your result.
Save File

Part 6. FAQs about Converting AVI to MP4

Does converting AVI to MP4 affect quality?

There is a slight quality loss when you convert AVI to MP4, but it is negligible. Furthermore, the converter tools you use also affect your video quality.

Will the subtitles be saved during the conversion?

Most converters are defaulted to preserve the subtitles during the conversion. But if you want to make sure nothing goes wrong, check the settings before you start to convert.

Does MP4 work on all players?

MP4 is one of the most widely used video formats and generally can be played on all players you can find in the market.


In this article, we recommend various tools to help you convert AVI to MP4 or vice versa. You can achieve conversion using powerful converter software like Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate, or simply using an online tool. These converters can help you convert almost all media formats to what you need. What are you waiting for? Just try them now.

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